Why Korean Girls Look Young? Know the Secret Of Korean Anti-Aging Skincare.

Hello friends, I am back again with an amazing topic. Before that let me ask you a Question. What’s the first thing you think when you think about Korea? Is it K drama Or K beauty?

Maybe some people are the fan of K Drama and Some are the fan of K beauty. But do you know what is Korean “Dong-Ahn” Means? It means baby faces, so many Koreans actually hear that they look really really younger than their actual age.

You have seen there are so many people in Korea that look younger than they really are. Are not you curious? What their secrets are? In this article, I will introduce the factor that causes aging of the skin and the secret ingredient how to get that baby face to stay looking young.

4 Factors that Causes Aging Skin


1. UV Ray


UV exposes becomes the direct cause of Aging and when your skin exposed to UV ray for a long period of time actually the production of collagen decreases. This makes the skin thinner and this causes changes in the elastic fibers of our skin. Due to the lack of elasticity, it will lead to wrinkles eventually.

2. Free Radicals


Created from ourselves cutaneous fat in our body free radicals actually damages ourselves and plays a huge role in protecting our body’s aging.

3. Dry Skin


As we age, less sebum is produced, and aging of skin is accelerated, because of less moisture level.

4. Lifestyle


So, I know that a lot of things in our lifestyle can cause really aging fast, but smoking can really cause and speed up the process of our skin aging. So very interesting when we blow out the smoke and this process cause wrinkles. When we blow the lower level of oxygen around of our mouth which can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

When should you start anti-aging care?

“You can fake your Age, but your Skin doesn’t lie”

But depending on how well you are taking care of your skin, how well you do Anti-aging basically you can look five years or even 10 years younger than however old you are.

Aging start for most people when they are 25 or mid 20’s. It depends it might be different from person to person so it’s good to prepare and prevents aging before it starts. So, it’s very important that before aging start you should prepare.

Honestly no matter how old you are if you want to start today then go for it. It’s never too late, so let’s slow down your aging process together.

Korean Anti-aging Tips to maintain your Youth


Now let me share some anti-aging tips that a lot of Koreans use to maintain their youthful beautiful face. So, the first one is:

1. Lifestyle


Lifestyle is the most important thing for youthful skin. Make sure you apply Sunscreen lotion every two or three hours. I know that it might sound horrible but please try to avoid negative effects like smoking, drinking, lack of sleep, caffeine and the last one is really hard that is Overeating. Yes, it’s true that overeating also causes aging so its good to get into the habit of actually eating just a certain amount of food in some time interval. When you feel like fullness in your stomach you just need to stop.

2. Food


This is really important. food such as ginseng, Anchovies, beans, fruits, vegetables are the foods that Koreans actually eats to maintain their young appearance. ginseng and beans actually act as antioxidants which not only helps with just anti-aging, but it also helps with tiredness.

Anchovies are also very great as preventing aging because they remove the active oxygen that promote the process of aging. Fresh Fruits and vegetables are very high in vitamins A, C, and E and also in antioxidants which is always great for Anti-aging. So always try to eat seasonal fruits and Vegetables.

And Last but not the list we cannot forget Vitamin C, because it acts as an anti-aging antioxidant, so I know some great products as with trends as many of guys know it’s by Wishtrend pure Vitamin C 21.5 Serum and Vitamin 75 maximizing cream.

3. Massage


Massage actually stimulates the lymph nodes which helps prevent aging by promoting the blood circulation and also massage is helpful for elimination of wastes.

Now Let me introduce ginseng serum and Ginseng Mask –



Ginseng is Korean’s number one best medicine. Not only its great for health it also carries beneficial properties for our skin.

Skin Benefit of Ginseng


  • Prevents Aging
  • Maintain the Skin Elasticity
  • Lengthen the lifespan of skin cells
  • It is an antioxidant
  • It also helps to activate the skin and prevent the skin cell foraging.

I will recommend you before using this product you should test on the wrist area or even behind your ears. If you won’t find any redness or itchiness, then go for it…

Ginseng Serum


  • It helps you nourish dry and dull skin from the inside out.
  • The antioxidant properties help to purify the fatigued skin.
  • It also brightens and freshens the complexion by improving your skin circulation.
  • Ginseng extracts transform sagging skin into the hydrated and elastic skin.

How to Use


  1. After cleansing thinly apply an appropriate amount, following the direction of the skin’s grain.
  2. After applying, help the serum absorb by gently rub your hands and placing the palms on the face.

Ginseng Mask


Now very interestingly, after facial how we put a hot towel on our face. This Mask works exactly the same.

  • This masks’ natural heating effects open the pores and soften dead skin cells.
  • Fill skin with nutrients.
  • Mask works from the inside out to make the skin more luminous.
  • Plump’s elasticity to weak and sagging skin
  • Its antioxidant properties really help to purifies skin

How to Use


  • After cleansing, apply on a generous amount on the face.
  • Massaging the product onto the skin will cause you to experience warming, sensation, this will open the pores and remove impurities.
  • Massage it for 5 -10 min then wash with Luke warm water.
  • Finish by cooling down the skin with a final using cold water.

Thank you, guys, for your patience I hope this article actually helps a lot of you guy who has questions about Anti-Aging and which products to use. If you like this article, please comment me below.

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