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Before coming to the topic about Vitamin C Serum, I want to say, you guys may read lots of articles related to Vitamin C Serum. But this article is a little bit interesting where I am going to share complete guidance about Vitamin C serum like What is Vitamin C serum, How to Use, Benefits and the side effects as well. Hope this article will solve all your doubts about Vitamin C serum. Read this article till the end I will give you DIY bonus tips about vitamin C serum.

What is Vitamin C Serum?

Most of the Dermatologist and beauty blogger write about Vitamin C Serum because vitamin C is the powerhouse that stimulates collagen production, reduces skin inflammation and helps to reduce signs of aging. 

This particular serum uses a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C, which is easily absorbable than water. It also protects your skin from the sun during summer. Vitamin C can brighten, improve hydration, and increase firmness.

It’s a powerful antioxidant fight off free radicals and damage caused by toxin during everyday life. Natural Vitamin C Serum, which contains oils and vitamins, that are beneficial to proper moisture levels and youthfulness. It helps to reach your skin barrier.

Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum:

Let’s read some incredible benefits of Vitamin C serum for skin and face. If you are interested in skin care regime, you likely heard about vitamin C Serum. As I mention before Vitamin C serum is one of the best anti-aging ingredients in the market.

Using vitamin C in your diet there is no guarantee that it going straight to your skin. Using serum and other tropical products is the most direct way to reap these benefits. Serums are different from creams and different products with vitamin C.

1.Reduces Wrinkles:

The high amount of antioxidant present in vitamin C helps a person to get rid of wrinkle. Regular use of Vitamin C serum on the face will keep the skin young forever. It reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and all other age-related problem. It also prevents dryness caused by aging. Vitamin C Serum most for those who always want the young and beautiful looking skin.

Massaging vitamin c serum on the skin regularly and keeping it overnight will reduce the wrinkles, age spots and give the best possible results.

2.It’s safe for most skin type:

Vitamin C has an excellent safety profile. Most people can use topical Vitamin C for an extended period without experiencing any adverse reactions. In rare cases, people who have hypersensitive skin may experience minor irritation. 

3.Reduces Inflammation:

In high enough concentration, it has also been found that vitamin C, is high enough concentrations has inflammation-reducing qualities. This is ideal for people who tend to wake up in the morning with unsightly puffiness around the eyes or other areas of the skin and face.

A little bit of Vitamin C serum can go along way here.

4.Speeds up healing of Sunburns:

Apply some after you have been sunburned, and the vitamins will help to promote faster healing so you can get rid of redness and find relief from itching, burning, and other symptoms associated with sunburn.

5.Improve Hair Growth:

Vitamin C serum is not only good for the skin related problems, it is equally good for the hair also. Lack of vitamin c in the body can lead to thinner and weaker hair.

Low intake of vitamin c in a regular diet invites a number of hair related problems, which affect hair growth. It is effective to treat the hair problems.

Vitamin c contains powerful antioxidants in it, which kill the radiant that causes dry, weak and brittle hair.

Pouring vitamin c serum into the palms and massaging it on the scalp using the fingertips can prevent hair thinning, strengthen hair follicles, makes the hair strong and thick, and improves the quality of the hair.

6.Help prevent skin sagging:

Collagen production is tied to skin elasticity and firmness. When your collagen levels begin to drop, your skin may begin to sag. Applying a vitamin c serum may boost collagen production, resulting in an overall tightening effect.

7.Brighter and Healthier Skin:

To improving your skin’s overall complexion, vitamin c can light up generally dull skin, allowing it to look flourishing and more sparkling. Strong concentrate of this vitamin leave the skin looking and feeling renewed and revived.

8.Improve hydration and moisture:

If you are suffering from dry skin, vitamin c is the must. This is especially true if you have tried using moisturizers and creams in the past only to find that your skin is still dry and flaky.

With optical vitamin c products, you can enjoy the high concentration of vitamins that your body truly needs to improve moisture content and overall hydration.

9.Helps fade hyper pigmentation:

Hyper pigmentation including sunspots, age spots, and melisma occurs when melanin is overproduced. In certain areas of the skin. It can also happen in areas where acne is healed. Vitamin c application has been shown to impede melanin production. This can help fade dark spots and lead to the more even-toned complexion.

10.Improve skin cell regeneration:

In addition, to stimulate skin cell production of collagen, it promotes skin cell regeneration, speeds up, and encourages the production of collagen and that could help improve the overall firmness and appearance of your complexion.

It is the ultimate skin repair for acne, aging and damaged the skin.

11.Treats Dandruff:

The hair follicles often get clogged due to dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. This can damage the hair follicles and also affect hair growth. Vitamin c helps to clean the pores and thus provide dandruff – free scalp. Vitamin c serum helps to kill the bacteria on the scalp and keeps dandruff away.

The anti-viral property present in the vitamin c serum treats dandruff effectively. The best way for treating dandruff, massaging this serum on the scalp and leave it overnight and then wash it off with cold water.

Using serum in this way will vanish dandruff, helps to get rid of follicles debris, encourages hair growth and also helps to treat dry and itchy scalp.

12.Prevents dark circle:

Dark Circles looks very ugly on the beautiful skin. Vitamin c serum is highly beneficial for dark circles. Regular use of this serum prevents dark circles from happening. It promotes even skin tone and also heals the puffiness or eye bags around the eyes. 

Best Korean Vitamin C serums:
Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop
Tiam My Signature C Source
By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum
Skin Power VC Effector
cosrx triple c lightning liquid

How to use vitamin c serum, to get the best result?

Cleanse your face with your favorite cleanser. Use the cleanser on dry skin first and do a little bit of massage. Do not forget to massage underneath your eyes. Vitamin C is an oil-free formulation so it’s safe to use on all skin types, skin conditions and ages.

Vitamin C serum should be the first product to apply in the morning after cleansing your face.

Use two or three pumps into your palm and apply over your entire face including around your eyes and neck.

Be sure to allow enough time for it to, fully absorb before layering on any other product follow with the moisturizer.

Vitamin c serum side effects:

You may hear from others to keep Vitamin C serum in the refrigerator because it oxidizes soon. Not only have the colors changes but the effects also reduced. It is a very sensitive product.

  • If you like to use Vitamin C serum in the morning then do not forget to use sunscreen before applying serum, otherwise, Vitamin c serum will oxidize because of sun and there won’t be any value effect of the serum.
  • Don’t mix vitamin c serum with AHA and DHA ingredient products. Vitamin c serum has its own exfoliating properties. If you are using both then it may harm your skin because you should not exfoliate your skin excessively.
  • Benzoyl peroxide solution has mild-moderate acne kill property. So do not vitamin c serum with benzoyl peroxide it will be lost its effects. Also, it can further irritate your skin. If you want to treat you Acne then use benzoyl peroxide till you acne cure completely after that you can use vitamin c serum.
  • Vitamin C serum has a low PH property, which can irritate the skin and cause flaking. By using it properly, you can avoid this side effect. Do not start with the strongest serum.

Finally coming to the bonus Part:

Some people do not like to use outside products and some have not enough money to buy Vitamin C Serum. For those, I came with a DIY Vitamin C Serum that you can make easily at your home.

So let’s see the Preparation:

So to make this serum we need Vitamin C tablets. Recommend to take non-chewable tablets because in chewable table sugar quantity will make it sticky.

  • Usually, I use Celin 500 mg tablet if any case you are not getting this tablet you can use other tablets like Ascorbic acid – by Modern Laboratories, Redoxon 500 mg – by Piramal Healthcare Limited, Vitriv C (500 mg) – by East African (I) Remedies, etc.
  • To make the serum you need 20 tablets of vitamin c. Our skin needs a minimum of 5% to a max 20% vitamin c to work well.
  • If you are taking 500mg 20 tablets then you will get 10% vitamin C concentration.
  • Make the powder of all 20 tablets. Add 2 teaspoon of glycerin, 5 teaspoons of rose water ( for oily or sensitive skin you can add more 2 tsp extra) and mix it well so that the tablets will dissolve properly.
  • DIY vitamin C serum we cannot store for more days. In market Vitamin C serum they mixed so many other products to stop Vitamin C serum to oxidize.
  • This DIY serum we can store 8 to 10 days not more than that. To stop this serum oxidize will add one Vitamin E capsule. Add one tsp of Aloe Vera gel (optional) and mix it well.
  • Take a dark bottle. As vitamin c serum oxidize soon we need a dark bottle to store. Your DIY Vitamin C Serum is ready.

Do you think this article is giving you complete information about Vitamin C Serum?  Then comment below. If you have any other point about this serum then you can share in the comment box as well.

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