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Best Web Hosting Services 2022

Keep your website running smoothly with a hosting company that guarantees you good uptime, fast load times and easy setup.

Why the Right Web Hosting Is So Important?

The web hosting is the provision of web space, i.e. the storage space for websites and emails. Without hosting, your website could not be found on the Internet. When choosing the right provider, i.e. the provider, there are a few things to consider. Here are some important key data that your provider should meet.

Fast and Safe:

In the area of ​​hosting, you often only look at the costs, but a few euros saved - often it's really no more than two or three euros a month - can take revenge badly. The speed of your hosting should be one of the most important criteria. How quickly your host reacts to a request is decisive for the user experience and meanwhile also for the Google ranking. A user usually decides within a few seconds whether to stay on a website or switch to the next search result. If you waste these valuable seconds with a higher loading time caused by the hosting, you lose customers and inquiries, in short you lose money. You can quickly and easily test the current loading time of your website with Google's free PageSpeed ​​Tool .

Avoid Bad Loading:

The bad loading problem with servers should not be underestimated. Every server on the web has a IP address and can be clearly identified by this as by a telephone number. Most cheap hosting have dozens of customers on their servers and this can have a bad effect on your ranking. Spam sites, pornographic websites and other webpages that Google rates as bad weaken your own ranking. Incidentally, you can recognize a good hosting by the fact that he advertises openly with the maximum number of customers who are on a server. 

User Interface:

A good web hosting package is easy to use. Normally, you don't log into your web hosting's user interface too often, so an intuitive user interface is very important. On the one hand, of course, settings can be made faster, but on the other hand, errors can be avoided due to a clear design.

How Good Is the Support?

When it comes to web space, it often gets very technical and it gets into specialist topics that you would probably have to familiarize yourself with for a few weeks in order to understand what is meant. Therefore, technically experienced support with good availability is very important. You can contact him if you have technical questions or problems. 

SSL Is Mandatory

Since the GDPR, SSL encryption has been an absolute must for websites that transmit data, including a contact form or a search function. With a good hosting you have the choice between all security levels of SSL certificates and you can control them completely via the user interface. This is particularly important because many browsers, such as Chrome since version 68, have explicitly marked websites without SSL as insecure. This of course causes you as a company considerable damage to your image, which could easily be averted. 


If you have any question we are happy to help you. Hosting is a very individual matter and should always be planned individually and by a professional. Hosting with a cheap or mass provider is not a sensible measure for professional companies to save money, quite the opposite.