5-Step Korean skincare routine Step by Step Process for Any Age.

Today I am going to tell you how to do the Korean skincare routine. Korean skincare routine has different steps, you can have like 3 steps, 5 steps, 7 step,10 step and so on. Here I am going to tell you about my 5 step Korean skincare routine.

I am going to use the products by Innisfree, as you know Innisfree is the top most Korean brand. Korean brands are really known for Korean skincare products. I am going to say here about Innisfree green tea products. If you want to use any other Korean products you can. As I am using Innisfree products so in this article I will tell about how this product effects on my face.

Green tea basically helps to refresh your skin and to maintain the hydration of your skin. As well as give you a healthy glow. So, I am going to take you through all the steps one by one Starting with cleansing your face.

Now after you have cleansed your face, the first step you have to do is:

STEP 1: Use Innisfree Green Tea Seed Skin


This one is like a toner and also, I can see it’s between a toner and an essence. This is something that removes all the residue remains whatever is left in your skin even after washing with your cleanser. So, if you have remains of makeups or any of the dead skin cells it will take that off right away.

Your next step is going to be using a serum.


STEP 2: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum


This Serum Is really nice. It is very fast absorbing into the skin, you do not need too much of this product. Only one pump is enough for entire face and neck.

STEP 3:  Innisfree Green Tea Seed Essence-In-Lotion


Essence is something in between toner and serum. Now I used this after a Serum because this is an essence in lotion. So, a lotion is a little thicker when it comes to consistency and the product is a little bit heavy on the skin.

Use it after a serum because serum is get absorbed into your skin quicker and after waiting for 2-5 minutes I applied the Essence-In-lotion. Again, you must use very tiny quantities because you are using so many products.

Massage it all over your face. Now while I do all of this, I am not applying any of these products at my eye area. For that, you should apply the eye cream which will come in our next step of skincare regime.

STEP 4: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream


Here I am applying Green tea seed eye cream and whenever you are applying any of the face products I would recommend you not to use them at your eye area because the eye area is more sensitive, and the layer of your skin is more thinner and it’s delicate, so the product which is made for your eye is a mere accordingly. kept in mind that how sensitive that area is? so it is much milder than the other products.

STEP 5: Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream


This is a green tea seed cream which is your moisturizer, and this is the last thing you apply before you put on any of your sunscreen lotions. And This is my 5-step skin care routine for the day.

Now all I have to do for the night is instead of applying the moisturizer I would choose the Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask. They work exactly the same as a night cream. It is just like a gel-cream kind of consistency and moisturizers are little thicker.

But here in this sleeping mask they help you to retain moisture even more and it just stays there in your skin till the next morning and then you will see that nice instant glow on your face  and you have to wash your face the moment you wake up because you need to take off all of those products which are sitting on your skin.

Now when it comes to products that I have used it’s not necessary for you to buy the entire range in order to go with the Korean skincare routine. Here I would really suggest that you could start off with the minimum thing like one product. You don’t have to buy the entire thing again.

If you really want to follow this step then I would really suggest you buy the serum why because serum is something that gets absorbed into your skin very quickly, it is concentrated, and it shows the effects very quickly. Mostly use the serum at night. You can use the serum in the day as well.

Now if you want to look radiant, an instant glow on your face then use Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask overnight and you will have a lovely glow in the morning.

This is my 5 step Korean skincare routine hope you like it. I really love this product and trust me it works very well on my skin. Give it a try and please comment below about your experience and result as well.

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